Meet Kloe Thompson- meet this 9 year old activist

Rebroadcast-Meet 9-year-old Phenom Khloe Thompson, Founder of KhloeKares. Khloe’ mission is to serve others no matter how old you are. At the age of 9, Khloe has created a project called Kare Bags.  These bags are made and designed by Khloe and her grandma.The purpose of the Kare bags is to fill the bags up with items that we use on a daily basis and give them to homeless women on the streets.. Tune in and support Khloe Care and Women Are Worthy Radio.

Rebroadcast- The McKenney’s

Rebroadcast–Please tune in and listen to The McKenney’s talk about what its like being MARRIED for 19 years. Our society disposes of everything that breaks  no one wants to work things out anymore. Ladies, tune in and let’s find out their SECRET SAUCE. How do they do it. Sit back and enjoy the conversation.  Happy Anniversary to the McKenney

Rebroadcast ~Megan Musca- God’s Got This- Surviving Breast Cancer

Rebroadcast- In 2015 it is estimated that among U.S. Women, there will be 231,840 new cases of invasive breast cancer. 40,290 deaths due to breast cancer will occur- Courtsey of . Susan G.

Tune in and listen to our guest Megan Musca as she shares her journey with us. Megan is a mother of two young children who was blindsided by the diagnosis of triple negative breast cancer at age 31. Her youngest child was just seven months old at the time that a lump in her right breast was found during a routine exam. Her story is unique because she was advised against having a biopsy immediately.. tune in and let’s support Megan, I am offically a MEGAN-KNIGHT!!

Rebroadcast- The Art of Giving Back- Chris Arnold

Rebroadcast- Youth in Mission is a 501(c) (3) Non-profit organization set up to aid teens and young adult to serve on missions fields.  any youth serious and passionate about the work but unable to financially fund their trip is eligible to apply.  Youth In Mission’s scholarships enable youth to focus on Christ’s work of helping others rather than raising all the travel money it takes to get there.  Meet the Secretary and Treasurer of Youth in Mission..Chris Arnold.

Rebroadcast-Luvenia Jackson- Living with Aids

Rebroadcast-Meet Luvenia Jackson, this powerful woman wants to change the perception of how we the community, view people living with HIV/AIDS. Luvenia has seen first hand what her uncle had to go through once his disclosed his diagnosis.  Tune in and support this woman and listen to her truth.